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Specialists in  Composite Airframes for UAVs and Drones

What We Do

We design, develop and manufacture high quality off the shelf and bespoke fully composite structures and components for remotely piloted aircraft. All produced in the UK


Where it all starts, whether your germ of an idea is a rough sketch or a fully formed CAD drawing, we can help bring your project to life.

Using a mixture of CAD/CAM, 3d printing and ‘old school’ pattern making skills, we can make your idea a reality. We can design the outer skin as well as internals, control surfaces, linkages and electronics.



Next is the thrill of the idea turned into reality and then developing into something worthwhile (nothing better than seeing your own creation take to the skies right?). Keep an eye on our website to see more of the interesting projects we’re currently working on. 

We also carry out R&D work. With our own test site where we can fly medium sized drones and UAV’s, plus access to experienced UAV pilots to evaluate your products.



At Verve Aero we understand that for any UAV operator, running high quality, efficient and reliable airframes is a must. Breakages and unavailable parts cost money in lost mission time and inefficient ‘draggy’ airframes don't provide an essential stable platform.

​We provide UAV operators with high quality off the shelf and bespoke fully composite airframes produced in the UK.

Who We Are

Creative, insightful and imaginative - oh and we make aeroplanes


A British Company 


Our customers come to us with anything from an idea or a quick sketch to a fully formed CAD design and then we use a mixture of methods to design, develop and deliver the airframes. Whether it’s using 5 axis machining, laser cutting, 3d printing or hot wire cutting and shaping by hand, we have the skills to make your idea a reality.

We’ve been involved in making composite airframes for RC Jets and scale models for many years, so we know a bit (well quite a lot) about what goes into the airframe to make them structurally sound and fly safely. Founded by Paul Lewis with years of experience in motorsport and project management, he is able to offer a unique insight into the production of either series airframes or bespoke and one off aircraft.

Current & Future Projects 

A 5.3m span twin engine UAV for heavy lift long distance work such as humanitarian aid delivery. Powered by petrol, electric or hydrogen fuel cells
Delivery2 v20.png
A large tandem tilt wing UAV designed to be used for delivery of aid and supplies
A tandem tilt wing Urban Air Mobility Aircraft
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